Owner FAQs

Have questions? We have answers!

Are you interested in becoming a Desert Color vacation rental owner? Find answers to the most commonly asked questions below, including HOA dues, resort fees, and more.

Can I self-manage my own property? + -

Homeowners are not allowed to self-manage their own vacation rentals. The community CC&R’s regulate that nightly rentals that will enter the vacation rental pool must be managed by one of the qualified vacation rental managers.

Who are the qualified vacation rental managers in Desert Color? + -

The current qualified vacation rental management companies in Desert Color are Red Rock Vacation Rentals and Ember Stays.

Red Rock Vacation Rentals: 435-703-9944

Ember Stays: 385-363-4252

How does a company become a qualified vacation rental manager in Desert Color? + -

There are certain requirements for any company to become a qualified vacation rental manager. For more information, please refer to the CC&R’s and Rules & Regs that can be provided by the HOA.

What are the nightly rental owner’s monthly HOA dues? + -

The owner’s monthly HOA dues will range from $140-$200. This includes amenity access, high-speed internet for your property, and common area maintenance.

*Vacation rentals built by Cole West will have an additional benefit & amenities package. Please refer to Cole West for more information regarding these amenities and HOA dues.

How do owners receive access to the amenities? + -

Owners will receive their own personal amenity access card and up to 6 amenity bracelets that allow use of the facilities while staying in their vacation rental. Owners will also receive 30 guest day passes per year – all guests must be accompanied by an owner and have their guest wristband on and visible at all times.

What resort fees do owners pay? + -

Owners do not pay resort fees when staying at their own vacation rental.

What resort fees do guests pay? + -

When booking a reservation, guests will be responsible to pay a Desert Color resort fee. This is a flat fee determined by the sleep count of the vacation rental booked.

What does the resort fee include? + -

The resort fee includes guest access to The Shores Resort pool, loggia, resort area, and the Lagoon. This fee also gives guests access to community events and lifestyle activities hosted at the resort.

Do owners have the option to pay the resort fee instead of using their own wristbands? + -

Yes. If an owner would like to pay the resort fee that is associated with their vacation rental they may pay that. Please reach out to your property manager for more details.