Guest FAQs

Have questions? We have answers!

We’ve answered the most commonly asked questions from our guests and put it in one convenient place for you! Find information about check-in and check-out, resort fees, and more.

What are check-in and check-out times? + -

Check-in time is at or after 4:00 PM.

Check-out time is promptly at 11:00 AM.

Guests must check out no later than 11:00 AM on the day of departure if no previous arrangements have been made and approved for a later check-out. Guests who remain in the vacation rental for any period past their check-out time will be charged a fine of $100 per hour. It is important that guests check out on time so that management can have the proper time to clean and prepare the home for the next guests.

Early check-in or late check-out? + -

Please contact our resort within 24 hours of arrival for early check-in authorization or within 24 hours of departure for late check-out authorization. There is a $25 an hour fee for an early check-in or late check-out.

What is the Desert Color Resort Fee? + -

The Desert Color Resort Fee is required at booking and is based on the occupancy of the rental. This fee allows the guests in your party (staying in the vacation rental) to access all of the amenities within Desert Color.

What are the pool hours at The Shores Resort? + -

The Shores Resort Pool Hours:

October – March: 10 AM – 9 PM

April – September: 10 AM – 10 PM

What are the Lagoon hours? + -

The Lagoon (beaches, seating areas, patios, walkways, etc.) is open year-round from 10 AM – 30 minutes after sunset.

Where do I get pool towels? + -

Pool towels will be provided at The Shores Resort.

Towels to be used in the lagoon area will be provided inside of the vacation rental. These towels are for lagoon & beach use only and are not to be taken to any nearby lakes, rivers, or water parks. *Towel service is only available at The Shores Resort pool and resort towels can not be brought down to the lagoon.

Are you allowed to swim until the lagoon closes? + -

For safety reasons, swimming and water vessels are permitted until 30 minutes after sunset. When it gets dark, you are welcome to relax and enjoy the beach areas of the Lagoon or swim at The Shores Resort.

Who has access to community amenities? + -

Only guests staying at the vacation rental will have access to community amenities. This does not include family members, friends, or visitors who are not sleeping in the vacation rental.

Who is required to wear a wristband? + -

When at The Shores Resort and the Lagoon, everyone over the age of 8 MUST be wearing a guest wristband, with no exceptions. Wristbands must be worn and visible to our staff at all times while accessing the pool or Lagoon. Guests will receive their wristbands in the unit before they check in. Owners/residents are responsible for their own wristbands and any of their guests accompanying them during their stay.

Can guests bring their own paddleboards/kayaks/canoes? + -

Yes. If a guest would like to bring their own vessel to the Lagoon, they may. They will just need to get that vessel registered with a pool and beach attendant. The registration fee is $12 per vessel.

Can guests bring their own furniture to the Lagoon? + -

Yes. If guests would like to bring their own beach chairs, towels, umbrellas, etc. to the lagoon they may. Tents are not allowed.

What is your cancellation policy? + -

At the time of booking you are given the option to add on a Reservation Guarantee. If you add this, you will be entitled to refunds and rescheduling options not otherwise provided to guests who have opted “out” of this program. Without the reservation guarantee you will have a zero cancellation policy and zero reschedule policy. There will be absolutely no refunds unless Red Rock Vacation Rentals is notified within 24 hours of the reservation being made.  If you would like to add on this option post-booking, you can do so up to 24 hrs after the reservation was made. 

The Reservation Guarantee allows for:

A full refund 15+ days prior to arrival for 2-5 bedroom properties.

A full refund 45+ days prior to arrival for 6+ bedroom properties.

For cancellations made outside of the 45 or 15 days, Red Rock Vacation Rentals refunds the entire amount of your payments made minus the cost of the reservation guarantee (which is only 7% of the total rent).

For cancellations made inside of the 45 or 15 day time frame, when refunds are no longer available, you will be allowed to reschedule your stay in that same property within 12 months, but no monies will be refunded. After the 12 months, all monies are forfeited.

If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Red Rock at (435) 703-9944. 


Please note: If you have booked with Airbnb, Marriott Homes & Villas, or an Expedia Partner, please contact the company that you booked with directly to cancel your reservation.

Vrbo guests can contact Red Rock Vacation Rentals directly to request a cancellation.

Are pets allowed? + -

No. Pets are not allowed in vacation rental properties unless the property is designated dog-friendly. The dog fee is an additional $150 per reservation.

You can easily view our dog-friendly properties by hovering on the Vacation Rentals tab, and then clicking “Dog-Friendly Rentals.”

Is smoking or vaping allowed? + -

No. Smoking or vaping in the vacation rental, on the patio, or in the garage, is not allowed. There are no designated smoking zones in Desert Color. If you must smoke, you are required to do so outside of the community. Violating this policy will result in a $500 fine and all additional cleaning fees required to remove all traces of smoke.

What fees do guests pay? + -

The following fees are included in the total price: accidental damage protection fee, cleaning fee, and the Desert Color community resort fee.

How do I get into the vacation rental? + -

All vacation rental properties in Desert Color are keyless entry. Guests will receive door access codes via email prior to the arrival. Please contact Red Rock Vacation Rentals (435-703-9339) for any issues getting into a vacation rental property.

Are toiletries and other items included? + -

Yes. Every vacation rental is stocked with items such as basic toiletries, trash bags, detergent, linens, and towels. How quickly you go through our complimentary items will be dependent on the number of people staying in the vacation rental and the duration of the stay. When supplies run out, we encourage you to purchase supplies for the remainder of your stay.

Can the sleep count number be exceeded? + -

No. Please ensure that the number of guests staying in the vacation rental does not exceed the sleep count listed for that property.

Will there be boat, trailer, and RV parking? + -

No, there is not currently designated trailer, boat, or RV parking. Street parking is allowed on public streets.

Do you supply replacement wristbands for guests? + -

Yes. If the guest has the broken wristband with them, we will provide a replacement for free at the Welcome Center. If they have lost the wristband, we will charge them $10 per wristband replacement.

Is the pool heated? + -

Yes, the pool is heated to 85 degrees year-round, and the hot tub is heated to 101 degrees.

The Lagoon is never heated.